App Development

How to Easily Start Publishing on Google Play


When you are a developer, you will probably be very interested in starting publishing. This is where you will need a Google account to help you with the given process. As a first step, you have to always ensure that you are able to create one as a beginner. For those who are in a big organization, there is the option that you can be able to register it as a Google account rather than a personal account in the given case. Once you have created that then it will be very important for you to review the developer countries as well as the merchant countries which you will be able to sell out your goods which are mainly the apps that you develop in this case.


Once you have your google play account ready then it will be the right time for you to visit the google play developer console. Here you will be able to enter your basic information so that people may identify who the developer is. You will find that in this there are many countries and each other has a set of rules which govern the kind of apps a developer can bring to the market. Consider reading through all the given requirements in this case and ensure your app will be able to comply in the right manner in this case. Then at this point there will be payments to be made which you have to if you will want to continue. Then after the registration and the payments then you will find that you are verified as a google developer.


There are different android sdk tools apps that people do develop. In the case that your is meant to be like an e-commerce platform then you will need to add a Google payments account in it. Even with this you will need to consider the merchants that you have in your given area and also the rules governing any online transactions in that case. Ensure that all the information concerning your business has been well written in the given case here.


Always ensure that you read the terms and conditions governing your country or even the areas that you will want to have the app used. This is because failure to that will lead you to being blocked from the development of the app and that can lead to lose of money especially if you had paid some already.